Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda Program Summary:

One to One Mentoring
Matching children (Littles) between the ages of 5 -18 with an adult mentor over the age of 21. We match a child with a mentor matching specific strengths and abilities of the volunteer to the needs of the child. The Big (mentor) spends a minimum of 3 hours per week with their Little. During this time the Big helps the Little build personal values such as self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others. The average match lasts three years; many last a lifetime!

Couple Matches
Matching a Little Brother with a husband and wife team. Each person will follow the same process as a One to One Match. The couple can spend time together or individually with the Little. 

5C’s Program
Group mentoring program which is 9-month curriculum based focusing on the 5 C’s of youth development. This program which is now open to all Littles will work on individual goal setting with each child. Littles will examine what their interests are and what potential career path they would like to follow. During the first phase our Littles will engage in activities on what it means to be safe, to belong to a positive group and what it means to reach out into community. They will be engaged in community service projects. In the second phase of the program Littles will be made to understand that their opinions, thoughts and ideas matter and that they have something of value to offer the world. In the third phase they will learn about values, leadership and achievements and recognition by learning to respect other’s opinions and their own; understanding about integrity, honesty, responsibility and restraint – good qualities of great leadership, they will also learn about mastery, and ‘getting the job’ done and how and why that is important. Our staff, Bigs and members of the community will be mentors for this program. Our aim is to have our Littles be integral members of Bermuda’s community.

NOTE: Currently BBBS services 120 children

黄页网站大全免费Ongoing match support, training, workshops, events and activities are offered to assist with the match relationships.

For more information contact the BBBS office on 232-2802 or email